Wall Street Journal: Germany might introduce new sanctions against Russia because of Syrian events


The German government is considering introducing new economic sanctions against Russia because of Moscow’s policy in Syria.

It was reported by American newspaper The Wall Street Journal on its website, citing a source familiar with the situation.

According to the source, the government of chancellor Angela Merkel is “exploring the possibilities that would force Moscow to change its course in Syria”. One of the possibilities is introduction of new economic sanctions by the EU against Russia.

The discussion of possible sanctions is still at an early stage. It is also unclear how wide the support would be for such a move in the German Parliament.

Meanwhile, TASS reported that representative of the German Foreign Ministry, Martin Schaefer said yesterday that sanctions against Russia because of its policy in Syria are not currently in discussion.

Earlier, the U.S. announced the decision to unilaterally terminate their cooperation with Russia on Syria.

Source: Vesti.Ru


Image: EPA