Finland accused Russian jet fighters of violation of airspace


Finland’s Ministry of Defense reported of the second violation of its airspace by Russian fighter Su-27 in the last 24 hours.

“The second possible violation of Finnish airspace by Russian fighter Su-27 was recorded in the Gulf of Finland to the south of the city of Porvoo on Thursday, October 6, around 9:33 pm local time,” said in a statement.

According to the Defense Ministry, the incident was similar to the one that happened earlier this day at 4:43 pm local time.

“We are talking about two different planes”, clarified in the Ministry.

Finnish Border Services are investigating possible violations.

The Russian Defense Ministry commented on the first incident on Thursday evening, saying that the Russian fighter Su-27 was flying following “the strictly specified route”, and did not violate the borders of other countries.

“The flight was following strictly specified route. The aircraft did not deviate from it during the flight, which is confirmed by the means of objective control,” said in the message of Russian Defense Ministry.

The day before two Russian Tu-160 bombers flew from Norway in the direction of the northern part of Spain and back.

Source: BBC