Belarus wants to buy oil from Iran


On October 7, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, while speaking to the deputies of the Belarusian parliament of the previous and current convocations, said that the official Minsk is in talks with Iran on oil supplies.

“We are in talks with Iran, which is desperately looking for supplies of oil, and which will reduce the price for us,” said Lukashenko.

As it comes from many reports, another oil and gas conflict started between Russia and Belarus, since Minsk is unwilling to to pay the price that was agreed on in the contract. After the Belarusian side began to underpay for the purchased gas, Russia has reduced the volume of oil delivered to Belarus. In response, Belarusian authorities raised the tariff on transit of Russian oil through its territory by 50%.

It is worth noting that the topic of getting rid of dependence on Russian energy is periodically raised by the official Minsk in moments of acute contradictions on the commodity issue with Russia. In particular, in 2010, the Belarusian authorities started to buy Venezuelan oil delivered by tankers across the ocean. This project proved to be extremely costly, and after reaching agreements with Moscow it was closed.