Estonia accused Russia of airspace violation


Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered a note of protest to the Russian ambassador in connection with the violation of its airspace by a Russian fighter jet Su-27.

The incident occurred at 02:38 local time on Thursday night. According to the Office, a Su-27 with the transponder turned off flew into the air space of Estonia in the area Vayndloo island for about a minute.

“The flight plan was not submitted, and the aircraft did not maintain radio contact with air traffic services in Estonia,” said in a statement.

“Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador and handed him a note,” says the Estonian Office. The Russian side has not commented on these statements yet.

A few hours earlier, a similar statement was made by the Ministry of Defence of Finland, accusing Russia of two violations of the country’s air space during the day. In all three cases, it was about a Su-27.

In response to the statement of the Finnish, Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the fact of training flights in the specified area. However, the Russian ministry insists that the fighters have not crossed the border of Finland.



Image: RIA