USA will build military base in Norway near Russian border


United States Department of Defense and Norway are to agree on the conditions of deployment of U.S. military near the Russian border in the near future.

As noted by DW, a large military facility will be built in Norway, where U.S. military will serve. A representative of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense said that the talks between Washington and Oslo started a few months ago. The U.S. government announced its intention to strengthen its European military forces in connection with the growth of the Russian presence in the region.

Initially, the service at the military base will be held by 300 soldiers and officers, then the number of troops will be increased. The base will be located close to the Norwegian-Russian border, the length of which is about 200 kilometres. Washington also promised the Norwegian side to assist in the modernization of the armed forces and increasing the combat capability of the army. Earlier it was reported that American authorities are intending to deploy a radar station near the Russian-Norwegian border.