Putin said Afghanistan needs help in dealing with terrorism


Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Afghanistan needs help to cope with terrorism, extremism, and drug trafficking.

“The situation in the territories between India and Russia remains tense. In particular, the situation in Afghanistan continues to cause concerns. Decisive actions are required to help the country cope with such challenges and threats as terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking,” said the head of Russia, as reported by the Kremlin press service.

According to Putin, Russia and India agree on the need to support efforts for national reconciliation on the basis of principles of international law. The parties are interested in “deepening of a constructive multilateral cooperation in order to assist Afghanistan in addressing internal security issues, increasing anti-drug potential, and social and economic development.”

“In general, our country is set to develop interaction in these regions, which would allow to respond quickly to emerging security challenges, to search for ways of cupping potential threats.”

The Russian leader said that the main role should be played by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Source: Rosbalt