Russian officials and MPs were recommended to return children and parents to Russia


Russian officials of up to the highest level were recommended to return their children, studying abroad, into the country, and transfer them into Russian universities.

Also, they should return their parents, if they live abroad but still keeping their Russian citizenship, reports with reference to five different sources, directly affected by such an informal request from the presidential administration.

“Education of the Russian ‘elite’ children abroad is subject to the constant complaints and derision against the regime. Say, patriotism and anti-Western sentiment are cultivated at the state level, but at the same time children of officials are studying abroad. You can not serve two gods, you must choose one. If such a measure is initiated and implemented, it will bring consistency and certainty, which is currently missing,” said political analyst Vitaly Ivanov.

The new requirements will affect employees of the presidential administration, regional administrations, MPs of all levels of government, and state corporations’ employees. Those who delay fulfilling the request will face complications in their future careers, writes