OSCE: there’s plenty of evidence of Russian military presence in Donbas

Deputy head of the OSCE observing mission in Donbas Alexander Hug said that the mission has collected numerous proofs of Russian military presence on the Ukrainian territory.

According to Libération, Hug said that the “soldiers in the field say they can not let us pass for the sake of our own security: the area is mined”.

According to him, it is also a violation of the Minsk agreements. Hug said that such restrictions are always aimed at “preventing us from seeing what they do not want us to see”.

He called the situation in the Donbas “extremely volatile and unpredictable”. According to him, “there are many areas where the positions of the warring sides are very close to each other, at a distance of perhaps 50 metres”.

Hug said that the mission staff have seen combatants who wore the badges of the Russian army. OSCE representatives interviewed captives who said that they were Russian regular troops.

“We have also seen the latest weapons, which the Ukrainian army did not have, and which is in service with the Russian army only. All that we have recorded in our reports,” Hug said.

At the same time he added that he could not “make any conclusions”, but only “captures the facts”.

Source: svoboda.org