US Permanent Representative to OSCE reminded about Russia’s ties with Ukrainian separatists


The United States expressed a concern over the recent deterioration of the situation in the east of Ukraine.

This was stated by the US representative to the OSCE Daniel Bayer at a meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization, reported on the OSCE website.

Bayer recalled the failure of the agreements on ceasefire from September 1 this year.

“Artillery use doubled last week as compared to the week before, reaching the levels of over a year ago,” noted in the OSCE.

Apart from this, the Ukrainian military reported getting under “heavy fire of Grads”. After the fighting began around Mariupol on October 11, ceasefire violations happened almost nine times more often. The monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded that in most of these cases, pro-Russian separatists were the first to start the fire.

OSCE added that the separatists do not give access to observers of the organization.

Bayer notes that despite this, the monitoring mission continues to record evidence that Russia sends troops and military equipment to Ukraine.

“The monitoring mission spotted a minivan with military license plates carrying personnel in camouflage as it crossed from Russia into separatist-held Ukraine,” said in the OSCE statement.

Bayer added that last week a bus was seen, which was carrying 20 people in camouflage in the opposite direction: from the territory of the separatists back to Russia, suggesting that Russia supports militants in eastern Ukraine on a permanent basis.

Bayer added that Russia continues to conceal their actions from the international community.