Minister of Education told about necessity of myths in history

Minister of Education and Science of Russia Olga Vasilyeva said that historical science “can not be without mythologization”.

“We can not do without heroes, without heroic images of historical characters. Whether you are a small person, or an adult, you should have an ideal to aim for,” said Vasilyeva in an interview to Interfax.

Answering the question about her position on the debate about the so-called heroism of “Panfilov’s Twenty Eight“, she replied that she shared the views of her teacher, academician Georgi Kumanev, who believed the story was a historical fact. “I honor my teachers,” said Vasilyeva.

Speaking about her thoughts on Joseph Stalin, Minister of Education called him “a man whose tyranny is evident”. She recognized that Stalin was responsible for political repressions.

“At the same time we have to agree that this man was a statesman. I usually call him a great politician with a huge ‘negative sign’. These are my thoughts, so it is unlikely that I can be considered a Stalinist,” said Vasilyeva.



Image: TASS