Roof collapsed at factory that produces Buk missiles


4 workers died, 101 people evacuated, 14 people rescued from the rubble and hospitalized, said in the Almaz-Antey enterprise, which the factory belongs to.

Rescuers are still looking for the dead and injured under the rubble of the factory. The cause of the collapse could be snow accumulated on the roof.

Almaz-Antey enterprise said that it will help the victims and families of victims.

“The building was erected in 1950s, and housed 2 production facilities and administrative offices, where 119 workers were at the time of the collapse… Currently, 101 people were evacuated, another 14 people were rescued from the rubble by Ministry of Emergencies staff and hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. 4 people were killed,” said in a statement.

The power was cut off, there is no fire at the scene.

The factory is a manufacturer of military equipment. Among its products are missiles for anti-aircraft missile system S-300, and anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk-M1″.