Trump promised to support South Korea in confrontation with North Korea


US President-elect Donald Trump in his conversation with South Korean leader Park Geun-hye has promised that the USA will adhere to the commitment for the protection of South Korea in case of aggression of its northern neighbor.

According to Yonhap agency, Trump said that he agrees with the Korean leader “one hundred percent” that the relationships between their countries should develop.

In 2016, North Korea conducted several tests of ballistic missiles, and a fifth in a row successful nuclear test was announced in September. In response to missile launches, the UN tightened sanctions against the North Korea, and the U.S. military aircraft conducted several demonstration flights over South Korea.

In addition, the U.S. is preparing to deploy a THAAD missile complex in South Korea, despite objections from North Korea and China.

Seoul and Washington insist that this measure was taken solely in order to protect against possible threats from North Korea.

Source: BBC