Giuliani: Trump will talk to Russia “with strength”, and will not pull back NATO troops from Russian borders


According to his advisor Rudolph Giuliani, the new head of the White House Donald Trump will hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin from the position of strength, and will not withdraw NATO troops from Russia’s borders.

Giuliani stated this in his interview with CNN on Sunday, November 13th. At the same time, Giuliani confirmed that Trump intends to cooperate with Russia “in areas where we could work together, in a way that Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Obama failed to do.”

“Remember, he is going to do it from a different point of view. You are forgetting his campaign promise of increasing dramatically the size of the military and doing away with the sequestering. We’re going to go up to 550,000 troops, we’re going to go up to 350 ships, we’re going to go up to 1,200 modern aircraft, and we’re going to increase the size of the marines from about 27 battalions to 36. So, he is going to be facing Putin with a country that is not diminishing its military, but a country that is dramatically increasing it to Reagan-like levels,” Giuliani said.

Donald Trump will do this “so that he can negotiate for peace, but with strength, not that we’re diminishing our army,” said the newly elected president’s adviser.

Giuliani also denied that Trump decided to pull back NATO troops from the Russian border. “No, no decision like that has been made,” he said, noting that the statements that Trump did during the election campaign meant otherwise: NATO countries, fearing aggression from the Russian Federation, should increase defense spending to the recommended level of 2% of GDP. “I think that president Trump will want to increase the impact of NATO,” Giuliani summarized.

Source: DW