Level of trust to television dropped in Russia


Russians have become less trusting to television, newspapers, and radio. This follows from the survey, conducted by Levada Center.

The study was conducted at the end of October 2016. As the result, 56% of respondents trust the information being broadcast on television. It was noted that in July 2016 this figure was significantly higher: 61% of respondents believed in credibility of this source.

“The image of the world that emerged after 2014 in connection with the Crimean consensus is quite solid, but it starts to break down under the circumstances: the economic crisis and some foreign policy deadlock,” said President of the Center for Political Technologies Igor Bunin, explaining the results of the survey.

According to the survey, Russians’ trust in the Internet has increased. 37% trust this source of information, while in summer this figure was at 34%.

Source: republic.ru