Putin does not rule out strikes on NATO targets that threaten Russia


Objects of NATO that threaten Russia will become targets for missile attacks, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Interfax.

“We need to take counter-measures, that is to point our missile systems to those objects which, in our opinion, start to threaten us. The situation is annoying,” Putin said.

Moscow “reacts so sharply” because, in Putin’s opinion, Washington is mostly responsible for the alliance decisions, and other countries can not resist its pressure.

Putin also said that Russia does not always understand the logic of the alliance’s actions.

Starting from this year, NATO keeps to its official strategy of deterrence of Russia. In the framework of it, the Alliance plans to complete the deployment of additional battalions near its eastern borders in 2017.

On Tuesday, November 15, officials of European defense and NATO warned the president-elect Donald Trump on the improvement of relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They said that they welcome the dialogue, but the United States should not abandon its allies because of desire to improve relations with Moscow.

Source: ru.tsn.ua