International Criminal Court accepted evidence of Russia’s war crimes in Donbas


Ukraine provided the International Criminal Court (ICC) with the evidence of Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine; the ICC found them sufficient, said Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

“Yesterday, in the office of ICC prosecutor we looked into evidence that Russia involved its regular armed force during the events near Ilovaisk. They broke the agreement on “green corridor” for the retreat of our military,” he told reporters on Tuesday in Hague, Netherlands.

Lutsenko also said that among Russia’s crimes against Ukraine there is evidence of extrajudicial executions, torture, kidnapping, executions in place.

“All of this falls under the definition of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Our evidence is considered very solid. Further formal procedures of the ICC and the prosecutor’s office will continue, but they can last a long time,” he said.

The General Prosecutor clarified that “we are talking about the need to investigate the role of the Minister of Defence, 18 generals, 2 admirals, and a number of the Russian Armed Forces officials, who, according to our investigation, implicated in the outbreak of war in the territory of Ukraine, violating the Geneva agreements, which led to war crimes and crimes against humanity.”