Security Service of Ukraine confirmed detention of two Russian military


Official representative of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Elena Gitlyanskaya reported that two deserters were arrested when they crossed the border at checkpoint “Chongar”.

“They were not taken out of the Crimea. Two deserters were arrested when they were crossing the border at checkpoint ‘Chongar’,” said speaker of the SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya, commenting on the situation to the Russian edition “Mediazona”.

According to her, two Ukrainian soldiers previously broke their oaths and joined Russian military in the occupied territory of Crimea.

“When they entered the territory of Ukraine across the border at Chongar checkpoint, we arrested them since there is a criminal case against them. There is a criminal case against all the deserters who broke their oaths and committed treason,” stressed Gitlyanskaya.

Previously, Russian Defense Ministry reported that the employees of the SBU “illegally detained” two Russian soldiers in the Crimea, and brought them into the territory of Nikolaev region. The detainees are Ensign Maksim Odintsov and Junior Sergeant Alexander Baranov.