Trump rejected idea of “reset” in relations with Russia


According to The New-York Times, U.S. president-elect Donald Trump said he would like to get along with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he did not support the idea of ​​a “reset” in relations between the two countries.

As the newspaper notes, new American leader said that he spoke with President Vladimir Putin after winning the election, but no details of the conversation were provided. Donald Trump said that it would be nice if he and Putin could get along. However, he rejected the idea of ​​a warming of relations, which would be called “reset”.

“I wouldn’t use that term after what happened, you know, previously. I think — I would love to be able to get along with Russia and I think they’d like to be able to get along with us. It’s in our mutual interest,” quotes the newspaper.

It was also reported that during the meeting the president-elect just briefly raised the issues of foreign policy. In particular, he said that “we have to end that craziness that’s going on in Syria.”

Earlier, Putin had a telephone conversation with Trump. According to the press service of the Kremlin, the politicians agreed in their assessments of the status of relations between Russia and the United States, calling it inadequate, and spoke in favor of active work for their normalization.

Source: Rosbalt