Saudi Arabia increased oil production and oil export in September


According to the Joint Organization Data Initiative (JODI), in September Saudi Arabia increased production and export of oil comparing to the previous month.

Oil production in September was 10.65 million barrels per day (b/d), compared to 10.63 million b/d in August. In September 2015 the production amounted to 10.226 million b/d.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia increased its oil exports to 7.812 million b/d in September versus 7.305 million b/d in August, and 7.111 million b/d in September of 2015.

Oil production in Iraq was 4.774 million b/d in September, compared with 4.622 million b/d in the previous month. Exports grew from 3.230 million b/d to 3.276 million b/d.

Production in Iran amounted to 3.71 million b/d in September versus 3.62 million b/d in July (the data for August is missing).

Oil production in Venezuela continues to be at its minimum since 2003, but increased to 2.334 million b/d in September, compared with 2.303 million b/d in August. Prior to this, it have been decreasing for five months in a row.