Switzerland granted citizenship to main Russian LGBT activist


As it became known on Tuesday, Swiss authorities granted citizenship to the founder of the Moscow’s LGBT movement Nikolai Alekseyev.

The decree on granting the citizenship to Nikolai Alekseyev was adopted by the State Council of Geneva on June 8 this year, but it takes effect only after swearing the oath.

The ceremony took place in the morning on Tuesday, December 13, at Salle communale de Plainpalais in the heart of Geneva.

Since September 2008 Nikolai Alekseyev is in a registered same-sex partnership with a Swiss citizen, which was the basis for the consideration of his appeal to grant him citizenship of the confederation.

The activist expressed his happiness about receiving Swiss citizenship on his Instagram page and other social networks by publishing the certificate and noting that “it is a great honor to become a citizen of the great alpine country and city with centuries-old national, cultural, and religious traditions”.

Source: Life.Ru