Number of people died of alcohol poisoning in Irkutsk reached 75


Another local resident died In Irkutsk on December 23 after drinking alcohol surrogate “Hawthorn” on Friday, December 23.

Thus, the number of deaths from drinking the bath lotion reached 75, reports RIA Novosti news agency referring to the representative of Ministry of Health of the region Tatyana Lebedeva.

She explained that at the moment there are 19 people treated in city hospitals, another 27 patients are treated at home.

A criminal case was opened in connection with the mass poisoning incident. As part of its investigation, Leninsky District Court of Irkutsk has already sent 13 suspects under house arrest.

According to Interfax, most of them are citizens of the Russian Federation, except for one who came from Azerbaijan and another one from Syria. Among detained a businessman, whose stores were selling alcoholic products without proper permits, and a supplier of surrogate alcohol in Irkutsk.

Source: RG