Russian Defense Ministry classified list of passengers of crashed Tu-154


According to Fontanka, citing a source in the Defense Ministry, the full list of those who were on board the crashed Tu-154 was not revealed yet because it might contain some high-ranking military men.

“Possibly, some more military were on board, including senior officers, whose names were not disclosed,” says the media.

Officially, this information was not confirmed.

Around 12 pm (Moscow time) the Department of Defense clarified that there were 93 people on board, not 92 as it was reported before. However, a few minutes later the Ministry of Defense released a new report that the list of passengers and crew members included 92 people.

The Tu-154 crashed a few minutes after taking off from Sochi, where it got refueled before flying to Syria. The plane took off from the airport Adler at 5:25 am and disappeared from radar screens two minutes later. A technical failure is considered as the main possible reason for the crash.