Kremlin considers possibility of disconnecting from Internet


In his interview to RussiaToday, presidential advisor on the internet German Klimenko said that the country needs to be prepared for it can be shut off from the Internet.

This was how Klimenko commented on the draft law on the regulation of Runet (Russian part of the internet – RRT). He reminded that Google and Microsoft services are blocked in the Crimea, where they do not operate due to the sanctions.

“Also, domain owners who live in the Crimea lost what they have built up. Our country must be prepared for that it can be shut off from the Internet, there is a high probability of ‘tectonic shifts’ in our relations with the West to the downside,” said Klimenko.

“It is important that e-mail, telegraph, telephone, social networks continue to work in Russia,” he added.

Considering the statements of Klimenko, the Kremlin considers an option to disable certain services as part of the scenario of counter-sanctions in response to some “unfriendly actions” of Western countries. Mentioning of social networks specifically refers to those services that may be victims of those counter-measures. There is also a possibility of some short-term ‘testing’ outages.