Israel showed new anti-tank missiles (video)


Israeli state company Rafael held a demonstration test of a new Spyke SR anti-tank missiles in the presence of delegations from 15 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, and Spain.

Rafael produces and sells Spike missile series to foreign countries.

It is a very undemanding in maintenance, and instantly ready to use missiles, capable of striking armored vehicles at distances up to 1,500 meters (approx. 1 mile – RRT).

Its uniqueness is in its ability to be applied at short distances starting from 50 meters (approx. 150 feet – RRT). Raphael representatives say that the missile is reliable, cheap and lightweight because of the unique design of the engine.

The head of the marketing department of anti-tank missiles of Raphael, Aviram Levy told the agency Wallanews that Spyke SR do not require a separate starting device or maintenance. A soldier can launch a missile from a shoulder in 6 seconds, and hit a standing or moving target.

Levy added that the company has many clients whose main danger is the tanks at their borders, especially the countries in Eastern Europe.