Airport Khrabrovo was closed after crash-landing of Airbus A-320


Airport Khrabrovo in Kaliningrad remains closed because there is no equipment to remove Airbus A-320 from the airfield, where it got damaged after rolling beyond the runway.

According to TASS, the exact time when the airport is going to be opened again is unknown.

Earlier it was reported that in the evening of Tuesday, January 3, an Airbus A-320 of airline Aeroflot rolled 5 meters beyond the runway during landing. The front landing gear broke down.

Passengers were evacuated via inflatable ladders. Three people required medical treatment.

As one of the passengers wrote on his Facebook page, there was a smell of smoke in the cabin. There were no rescue services on the ground, fire fighters did not help, doctors come with a delay.

There were 167 passengers and 7 crew on board.