Truck drivers rammed and blocked toll road entrance in Saint Petersburg


A group of truckers blocked the Western Rapid ​​Diameter in Saint Petersburg as a protest against the decision to make the road paid.

According to newspaper Business Petersburg, the protesters rammed barriers near the toll booth with a truck, a Gazelle minivan, and three cars, and blocked all 5 lanes for an hour.

According to the newspaper, nobody was detained (Update: later it became known that police detained one of the protesters – RRT).

As a result of the action of truckers, a large traffic jam appeared on the highway.

According to one of the organizers of the rally, the chairman of Russia’s carriers association Andrei Bazhutin, the goal was to obtain a right to use the road for free. At the same time he pointed out that the protesters’ actions were legitimate because they have a right to stand at the toll collecting points.

The central part of the Western Rapid ​​Diameter opened on December 4. The fare differs for different areas and different types of transport, ranging from 45 to 300 rubles (from $0.75 to $5 – RRT).

Source: RBC