USA transfers tank brigade to Eastern Europe


As Deutsche Welle reported on Friday, the USA is transferring a tank brigade to Eastern Europe. This is the third U.S. brigade that is deployed in Europe.

Ships began unloading in German port of Bremerhaven. The shipment contained 87 tanks and 144 armored vehicles and self-propelled artillery. The equipment will be sent by rail to various Eastern European countries. The Pentagon does not specify the exact place of deployment. It is assumed that first and foremost it will be stationed in Lithuania, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Over the next two weeks, about 4,000 soldiers will join up with the equipment in Poland.

The USA also plans to bring a combat aviation brigade of 1,800 people, equipped with about 60 helicopters Chinook and Black Hawk, as well as a battalion of 400 people on Apache helicopters.

The USA announced its plans to deploy an armored brigade in Eastern Europe in April 2016. Two months earlier, NATO decided to increase the presence in the region to protect it from the Russian threat.