Passengers complained there was no heating in train with -36°C outside


On January 8 passengers of the train Kirov – Moscow complained there was no heating in one of the cars. According to the passengers, the temperature inside was around 0°C (32°F – RRT), while it was -36°C (-33°F – RRT) outside.

“Everyone in the car started dressing up in fur coats, down jackets. I called the conductor immediately, but she said that she notified two of her superiors about the case, and can not do anything else. Also, an employee of Russian Railways told us that our car in this condition for the 8th day, but it is in use anyway,” said passenger named Irina.

According to, only this car was this cold, all the rest were heated normally. There were passengers with children in the problem car.

Russian Railways had no immediate comment on the situation.