Russian journalist: Russia will deal with Ukraine by “Georgian scenario”


Russian journalist Dmitry Steshin wrote that he has inside information that Ukraine will be dealt with by the “Georgian scenario”, using the proven concept of the “Kremlin’s political judo.”

“Our first headache: our younger imaginary friends-non-brothers (Ukrainians – RRT), which, according to inside information I have, will be dealt with by the “Georgian scenario”, and then we will listen to their “peace initiatives and proposals” outside of the deceased “Minsk” (Minsk ProtocolRRT). Much blood will be shed – our blood, but in response even more blood will be shed all the way to the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. This option goes along with the proven concept of the “Kremlin’s political judo”: “a peaceful proposal of a consensus – a refusal from the partners – a punch in the head – not such a good proposal – another refusal – …” Well, you get the idea,” he wrote.

Earlier, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament – RRT) Andrei Parubiy expressed the opinion that Vladimir Putin must not be underestimated, as his actions are global in scale, and his aggression is very multi-faceted. The Kremlin, in his opinion, will continue allocating funds for the Russian Army, and for destabilizing Ukraine from inside.