Anti-doping organizations from 19 countries called for banning Russia from all international competitions


They also say that no international competitions should be held in Russia.

National anti-doping organizations (NADO) of 19 countries called for suspending Russian athletes from all international competitions. Moreover, they also asked to prohibit the holding of championships and tournaments in the country because of doping scandals. The text of the appeal was published by BBC reporter Dan Roan.

In NADO’s message it is said that McLaren’s Commission found “irrefutable evidence of the system of concealing doping” in Russia, so it is necessary to punish the entire sports system in the country. Anti-doping experts believe that the Russians need to be banned from participation in all competitions until sports and doping structures in Russia come back to normal, and comply with the World Anti-Doping Code.

NADO also noted that “clean” athletes should be able to perform in the international arena, but as neutral athletes, i.e. not representing any country.

Source: KP