Hotel in Pskov refused to accommodate European gay tourists


Two guests from Europe were refused accommodation in the town of Ostrov of the Pskov region because of their sexual orientation.

A review appeared at TripAdvisor from a user Alex A. He said that he and his boyfriend have repeatedly stayed in this hotel.

“But one day for some reason we were refused accommodation without any explanation, and in a quite rude manner. I can not see any reasons for the refusal, other than EU citizenship,” he wrote.

The manager of the hotel Dmitry Blitsyn told that the two men stayed in his hotel at the beginning of 2015.

“They came a couple times. The first time it all was quiet and peaceful, but the second time they came in a different manner, eager to display their relationship,” said Blitsyn.

According to him, after that the guests were blacklisted. After some time another booking request came from the men, and the hotel refused it. The manager explained that the reason is not their homosexuality itself, but expressing their feelings in public.

“Nobody goes and looks at how a man sleeps with a man. But if there is a public demonstration, we will react to it. We try to position ourselves as a family hotel. And their behavior does not fit it,” said Blitsyn.

Source: Lenta.Ru