Almost one third of Russians might get below the poverty line


According to Russian sociologists, if poverty is defined as a monthly income of less than 9956 rubles (€157), then almost one third of Russians are at risk of getting below the poverty line.

Such data was acquired during a research “Risks of poverty and household resources,” prepared by the experts of the Institute for Social Forecasting and published by Gazeta.Ru on Friday, January 13.

The survey among 3,500 Russians showed that 28.8% of the Russian population are at risk of becoming poor.

“Save on everything”

The real income of Russian citizens dropped by 10% in recent years. 70% of Russians “tried to save on everything” in 2016. 68% saved on food products, almost 40% on medications. Even the group least likely to save (young people under 25 years old) reduced their spending (55% of them).

Households that save on the essentials for extended periods of time are unlikely to be able to return to their former socioeconomic status, as they won’t have resources for it, or even possibilities to gain them. In addition, saving on the essentials, including food and medications, may mean that the household is at the edge of survival.

Source: DW