Lukashenko demanded to find alternative to Russian oil


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko said that reduced oil supplies from Russia should be replaced by alternative sources.

“We agreed that you inform me about the situation in the oil and gas sector of the country in the near future, especially with regard to Russia’s behavior. So, what is the situation? We do not hide anything from the people. I don’t think we should hide anything. There is no catastrophe, but the reduction of oil supplies from the Russian Federation should be replaced by alternatives,” said Lukashenko.

He noted that the matter was discussed at the end of last year. “And we not only worked out the alternatives, we already tested some of them when delivered oil from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean to our refineries in order to see how it looks like economically,” said the president.

“So, I would like to hear how things are going here, and how the process of negotiations today with the Russian Federation is going, so we can determine how we proceed,” he added.