Dutch prime minister to migrants: Be normal or be gone


Prime minister on the Netherlands Mark Rutte made a sharp statement six weeks before the parliamentary elections. He said that people who reject the country’s values should leave it.

“You either be normal or be gone,” ​​Rutte said, adding that the Dutch people do not like when someone comes to the country seeking for freedom, but afterwards violates fundamental principles of freedom.

Local political analysts believe that this way Rutte tries to strengthen the positions of his Liberal party before the election.

According to recent polls, his party is currently on a par with hard-right Party for Freedom led by Geert Wilders, which gained sharply in recent months with their anti-migrant rhetoric.

Wilders called Rutte’s statement false. He accused the prime minister of hypocrisy, saying that he pursued a policy of open doors, and now is trying to raise his rating by “attacking” migrants.

Political analysts say that this time the main theme of the campaign – for the first time in many years – is not a financial policy of the government or the economic outlook, but rather the national question.

Parliamentary elections in the Netherlands are scheduled for March 15. Although the ratings of the parties of Rutte and Wilders are close, it was noted that even if the latter one wins, it is unlikely they can form a government, as very few people would agree to join him in a coalition.

Source: BBC