Roscosmos recalls all engines made for Proton rockets


As reported by several anonymous executives, Roscosmos recalls all engines made for two stages of Proton rocket due to problems discovered during fire tests.

The sources said that the investigation of the incident revealed that the engines contained components made of of substandard materials.

As a result, all Proton engines were recalled for re-checking and fixing defects.

“Theses are all Proton engines made by Voronezh Mechanical Plant in the past few years we are talking about. There are dozens of them, including those that have already been delivered to Baikonur space port,” said the source.

The recall will cause a serious shift in the launches schedule. According to “the most optimistic forecasts”, the next launch of Proton rocket from Baikonur will be held no earlier than the summer, although initially it was for February.

The most recent crash of Progress rocket in December 2016 happened due to the same issue.