Minister of Defence of Britain called Russian air carrier Admiral Kuznetsov “ship of shame”


British Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon called the Russian heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov “the ship of shame”.

Fallon said that in his statement in which he warned that the passage of the Russian naval group near Britain will be monitored by the armed forces of the country.

“We will closely monitor the Admiral Kuznetsov, while he sneaks back into Russia, the shame ship whose mission only increased the suffering of the Syrian people,” quotes Reuters.

Earlier the British Navy published a video of Admiral Kuznetsov passing the English Channel. It shows that the Russian cruiser was accompanied by frigate HMS St Albans through the waters of the strait.

Russian naval group led by Admiral Kuznetsov is currently returning from a military campaign in Syria. The aviation group of the ship participated in the attacks on the forces of the Islamists. On its way to Syria Admiral Kuznetsov was also accompanied by British ships.

Source: RBC