President of Moldova called for referendum on Transnistria and withdrawal of Russian troops


During his press-conference on Tuesday, January 24, president of Moldova Igor Dodon called for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the country.

“The withdrawal of foreign troops from the territory of Transnistria is directly linked to a political solution of the Transnistrian conflict. We hope that the dialogue on the issue will resume in the near future,” said Dodon.

At the same time, speaking on Transnistria Dodon said that the decision on this matter should be made by the people.

“We will discuss and work out an acceptable solution, present it to the people, and ask their opinion at a referendum. I they say ‘yes’ – good, if ‘no’ – well, ‘no’ means ‘no’. The final word will be spoken by the citizens of Moldova,” he said.

Earlier, Igor Dodon said that he was not going to recognize the Crimea part of Russia because of the need to solve the problem of Transnistria, and willingness to build friendly relations with Ukraine.