Putin’s adviser suggested to restrict internet in Russia


Presidential adviser on Internet development said that the only way to ensure information security in Russia is to restrict internet like it is done in China.

“There is the only way: the Chinese way. Monitoring is indisputably required because there is no other way to ensure security. China was less scrupulous to public opinion, they evaluated the threat and restricted the Internet. Now they do not have such problems,” said Klimenko.

He complained that foreign companies operating in Russia do not respond to Russian law enforcement requests.

“We are in a weird position when a foreign company makes money on the territory of the Russian Federation, yet it doesn’t respond to any request from law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, we can not write to WhatsApp and ask them to turn off encryption,” said Klimenko.

He stressed that if foreign messengers and social networks do not cooperate with law enforcement authorities then “any self-respecting country should kick them out.”

Source: Interfax