Donald Trump: It’s very early to be talking about lifting sanctions against Russia


As Donald Trump said on Friday January 27, it is too soon to talk about lifting sanctions against Russia.

“About the sanctions: it is very early to be talking about that, but we look to have great relationships with all countries, ideally. If we can have a great relationship with Russia, and with China, and with all countries, I’m all for that,” he said at a joint press conference with the head of the British government Theresa May.

British Prime Minister, in turn, said that sanctions against Russia should be maintained until the full implementation of the Minsk Protocol.

“We have been very clear that we want to see the Minsk agreement fully implemented, we believe the sanctions should continue until we see the Minsk agreement fully implemented,” said May. She noted that the United Kingdom upholds this is the position in the EU.

Earlier reporter of Politico Susan Glasser said that the administration of Donald Trump is probably preparing to unilaterally lift the sanctions against the Russian Federation.

“Hearing Trump world has text of order floating around to ease Russia sanctions. Will they put out before Tillerson confirmed SecState?” she wrote on Twitter.

In another tweet she clarified: “several sources reporting the proposed order would unilaterally lift sanctions.”

Source: Interfax