Lukashenko: Ukraine fights for its independence


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Ukraine is currently fighting for its independence. His speech was posted at the official website of the president of Belarus.

Lukashenko noted that Belarus paid “quite a low price” for its independence while other nations had to fight for it, as “our brotherly Ukraine fights now.”

According to Lukashenko, Belarus fights for its independence economically rather than politically or militarily, so the country need “effective science for industrial production.”

Belarus has not recognized the self-proclaimed Donbas republics DPR and LPR, and its citizens also repeatedly expressed their concerns about the military build-up of Russian troops at the country’s borders. In particular, Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov in June 2016 had to explain that the military base at the Belarusian border was created to defend against a probable Ukrainian aggression against Russia.

At the same time sympathies for neighbouring Lithuania are also suppressed in Belarus. Thus, the symbol “Coat of arms” of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (which once included the territory of modern Belarus) is under the unofficial ban.

Source: MK