Truck with food for protesting miners in Gukovo was not allowed in the city

The police did not let a truck with humanitarian aid for protesting miners in Gukovo.

The truck started on January 26 from Yeisk in the Krasnodar region. According to journalist of the Russian Public TV Dmitry Andreianov, when the truck was about 60 kilometers away from Gukovo, it was stopped by the police, forced to turn away, and then escorted to a neighbouring town.

“The aid for the miners was collected by Kuban farmers,” wrote the journalist on his Facebook page.

The protests of miners of bankrupt company Kingkoul were caused by large salary debts, and were followed by a great public outcry. Despite the fact that the regional authorities joined the process and started repaying the debts, protesters demand immediate repayment of all debts in full.

Meanwhile, workers of another debtor company – the mine “Vostochnaya” (“Eastern” – RRT) – are thinking about following the example and start protesting too. They are also residents of Gukovo, and they have not been paid since July 2013.