Russia will introduce border zone with Belarus


The head of FSB Alexander Bortnikov ordered to establish a border zone at the border with Belarus.

The published orders state that the border zone should be introduced in the regions that are adjacent to Belarus: Smolensk, Bryansk and Pskov regions of Russia.

The border service of the FSB was instructed “to establish the place and time of entry (passage) of people and vehicles in the border zone,” and also to set warning signs at the entrances to the border zone.

The explanatory note to the order says that it was “intended to create necessary conditions for the protection of the Russian-Belarusian part of the Russian border.”

Now the entry of all vehicles and the passage of people will only be able by ID, or by special passes issued by the border authorities. In addition, dedicated entries into the border zone will be set, as well as the time, routes, and duration of staying in the border zone.