Belarus might exit Eurasian Economic Community and Union State of Russia and Belarus


According to Regnum agency, Belarus might take the path of complete independence following the example of Ukraine, and initiate a withdrawal from the Eurasian Economic Community, Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Union State.

The source said that Russia will not make any “loud” statements on the subject, but will remain skeptical that people of Belarus will benefit from such a move. The experts also predict that a fully functional border will appear between Russia and Belarus.

The source also hinted that “a change of power will happen” in Ukraine. In this regard, Minsk was recommended to take into account this experience, which might lead the country to remain “at the curb of global development.”

Meanwhile, commenting on yesterday’s news about the border zone at the border between Russia and Belarus, politologist Alexander Klaskouski in his interview to Radio Svaboda (“Radio Liberty” – RRT) said that if the long-lasting crisis in the bilateral relations continues, it is possible that a fully-functional interstate border will appear between the two countries, which would mean the end of the “union state”. He added that “false brotherly integration” should have been abandoned a long time ago in favor of building normal interstate relations.

These issues can be discussed by the heads of Russia and Belarus at a meeting that could take place in February, but the date has not yet been agreed.


Source: MK