Aftermath of shelling of Avdiivka: destroyed houses, damaged communications, craters from shells


Witnesses share disturbing photos in social networks.

Hostilities worsened on January 29 in Ukrainian city of Avdiivka. Militants of the self-proclaimed DPR perform massive shelling of the city using heavy weapons, mostly from multiple rocket launching system BM-21 Grad. It is currently known about 7 killed soldiers of Ukrainian army and 14 wounded. There are also wounded and killed among civilians.

City communications are damaged, there is no electricity, gas, water or heating in homes, mobile communications work poorly. The city authorities declared a state of emergency.

Residents spread photos of consequences of attacks in social networks.

The evacuation of civilians started from the old part of the city. Ukrainian military report that about 10 o’clock in the morning militants asked for a truce, and, taking advantage of it, started an offensive, but the attack was repulsed by Ukrainians.

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