Journalist of Fox News who called Putin “killer” promised to apologize in 2023


Fox News journalist Bill O’Reilly responded to the Kremlin’s suggestion to apologize to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin for calling him “a killer” during an interview with the U.S. president Donald Trump.

“I’m working on that apology, but it may take a little time,” said O’Reilly. “Might want to check in with me around 2023.”

Earlier, spokesman for the Russian president Dmitry Peskov has called O’Reilly’s remarks about Putin unacceptable and offensive.

“We believe these words of Fox News journalist unacceptable, offensive and, to be honest, we would prefer to get an apology addressed to the president from such a respected broadcaster,” said the Kremlin official.

During an interview with Donald Trump, the journalist asked the U.S. President about his opinion about his Russian counterpart. Trump said that he respected Putin. The host, in response, called the Russian president “a killer.”