Armed U.S. soldiers photographed against Russian city of Ivangorod


Soldiers of the U.S. Army stationed in Estonia made a group photo just 100 meters from the Russian border in the Estonian town of Narva at the bank of Narva river. On the other side of the river lays the Russian city of Ivangorod.

The photo that caused the outrage of Russian patriots was published on Twitter.

It was quite easy to figure out the place where the photo was taken: there is a recognizable landmark – Ivangorod fortress – behind the American soldiers. The photo of American troops with the fortress at the background caused outrage in the Russian segment of social networks. Residents of the Russian Federation have called the photo defiant, provocative, and some have interpreted it as an allusion to an open threat.

This is not the first time the U.S. military stationed in Estonia “troll” the Russians near the border. Thus, two years ago in February 2015 the U.S. Army held a grand parade of military equipment in the city of Narva, just about 300 meters from the Russian territory. Analysts believe that this way the U.S. military command makes it clear to the Russian colleagues that aggression in the Baltic countries, who are members of NATO, will not be tolerated.