Russia was accused of interference in presidential election in France


Spokesman of the political movement ‘En Marche!’ led by presidential candidate of France Emmanuel Macron accused Russian media Russia Today and Sputnik of interfering in the course of the presidential election campaign.

“Russia played its role in the American election campaign, helping Donald Trump… And now it interferes in the election in France. This is not normal,” said spokesman Benjamin Griveaux on the parliamentary television channel Public Sénat.

“For several weeks these two media have been throwing mud at candidates, including Emmanuel Macron, but excluding Marine Le Pen“, said Griveaux.

In early February French MP Nicolas Duik in his interview with Sputnik international said that the 38-year-old former economy minister Macron is “an agent of the American banking system,” promoted by “homosexual lobby”, and hinted at sexual relations of Macron with the former head of Radio France Mathieu Halle.