Ukraine to sue Russia in WTO over transit restrictions


Ukraine has filed a suit against Russia to the World Trade Organization because of the restrictions for transit of Ukrainian goods through Russian territory to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Ukraine also called for creation of a dedicated expert group for this case.

According to the press service of Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development, the restrictions were introduced in 2016, on January 1st for Kazakhstan, and on July 1st for Kyrgyzstan. It affected about 79% of the Ukrainian-Kazakh export sales and 95% of sales to Kyrgyzstan.

This is the second lawsuit of Ukraine in the WTO against Russia: in October of 2015 it already filed a suit for the restriction of exports of railway cars. Also, the materials are prepared for the next suit, which will address numerous bans and restrictions on the import of Ukrainian goods to the Russian Federation.

Russia, in turn, said it will defend itself, and that there are methods for this.

“There are ways to protect the interests of the Russian Federation under international law, and they will be utilized in this case, as well as in other similar cases,” said the Kremlin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov.