Total salary debt in Russia grew 18.6% in January

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According to Rosstat, as of February 1st 2017 the total wage debt in Russia amounted to 3.232 billion rubles ($56 million – RRT), and increased by 507 million rubles ($8.8 million – RRT) comparing to January 1st, 2017.

63 thousand workers suffer from unpaid wages. Manufacturing accounts for 55% of the total amount of debt, 21% is in the construction, 6% in transport and agriculture, and 5% in mining.

In January there was no wage arrears in 9 regions of the Russian Federation, it declined in 18 regions, remained unchanged is 3 , increased in 53, and appeared in 2 Russian regions.

The greatest amount of arrears of wages falls on Primorsky Krai (18.0%), the Khabarovsk region (4.9%), the Amur Region (4.7%), St. Petersburg (3.6%), the Murmansk region (3.6%), and the Novosibirsk region (3.3%).

Source: Regnum