Former Russian MP Voronenkov fled to Ukraine


Former State Duma (lower chamber of Russian parliament – RRT) deputy from the Communist Party Denis Voronenkov in his interview with Ukrainian media said that he had received the citizenship of Ukraine two days after the end of his term in Russian parliament.

Voronenkov confirmed that after moving to Ukraine he testified in the case of high treason against former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

The politician compared the situation in Russia with Hitler’s Nazi Germany:

“Everyone knew that he was killing the Jews, but they continued to work for many years, pretending that nothing happens. The whole country has gone mad it in pseudo-patriotic frenzy. Many things are now identical in Russia,” the politician believes.

He said that he personally did not vote for the accession of the Crimea: someone did it using his credentials without his consent.

He added that he wants to be useful to Ukraine, and acquired citizenship because without it it is difficult to qualify for a public office.